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281.24 // Jedi Master Cyril Feraan

Cyril Feraan has been honorably recognized today as a Jedi Master in the presence of his peers in a ceremony earlier this afternoon. With a career in the Jedi Order expanding more than thirty years, Master Feraan has served the Galaxy dutifully with the fullest of efforts, resulting is the bestowed respect earned in the eternal process of growth.

Master Feraan was trained by our fellow Master Jamus Kevari, as he eventually ascended to the title of Jedi Knight with the successful completion of his Trials. Master Feraan in turn went on to train current Knight Nira’kalen’nuruodo, and is currently the mentor to Padawan Ian Prine. His career as an instructor of our establishment is concurrently vast, teaching a variety of class subjects to several generations of students, leaving a substantial impact in the lives of many.

Congratulations to Master Feraan today in his recognition. It is thoroughly well-deserved.