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281.22 // Centares Successfully Defended by the Coalition


Coalition Vehicles Firing in the Midst of Battle

Victory in the Centares System!

After almost a cycle of heavy fighting and nearly constant battle on the surface of Centares, the Mandalorians are withdrawing their fleet out of the system. This victory brings a light of hope to the current situation, as the Coalition has felt defeat after defeat in the wake of the Mandalorian and Ascendancy fleets.

The victory was spearheaded by the 767th Armored Calvary, led by two unknown Jedi commanders. The beginning of the battle seemed to be typical of the war so far, with the Mandalorian forces easily taking control of many key points. However, with the timely arrival of the Jedi commanders and their key decisions along with support from the Coalition’s 986th Mobile Infantry and the 4th Naval fleet controlling the orbit, victory was found through the turmoil.

While the victory is being celebrated, thousands of soldiers are being mourned, as the first days of battle seemed to be a slaughter on both sides. An estimated four thousand casualties on solely the Coalition side, with an untold amount of Mandalorian casualties. The Coalition have had many defeats in this war so far, we are all seeking more victories to bring light to the troubled times so far.

281.22 – Grot Mesi // GHN