JEDI HoloNet

281.16 // In Memoriam

After three long and difficult years, the Order faces some of its most difficult times ahead as the war comes closer and closer to home, a danger already threatening the lives of many brothers and sisters in the Force as they fight by choice alone for the defense of the Coalition and life itself.

It is now that we announce sadly that our Jedi Inquisitors have completed their record of the losses of the Jedi Order with regard to the attacks on Dantooine, Yavin IV, and Ossus. The casualty report is enclosed below, with names appropriate to this branch of the Order also included.

In Memoriam to the fallen. Abide within the entirety of the Force for time forevermore. Rest in peace.

-The Jedi Council

Deceased: 2853

Missing in action: 543

Known relevant casualties:
Nivek Tholmai (Deceased, Yavin IV)
Galack Alastair (Deceased, Ossus)
Moza Ferorn (Deceased, Ossus)