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281.18 // Ascendancy Ranks Show Visible Diversification

Human Ascendancy

Human Soldiers in the Ascendancy Ranks

The Galactic Coalition Military has released significant evidence showing that the typical red eyes and pale blue faces of the Ascendancy infantry are not as dominating as they once were. Official photos taken by Coalition scout units have demonstrated that possibly thousands of non-Chiss (mostly Human) soldiers have been integrated into the ranks of the Ascendancy, likely the products of conquered worlds in the vicinity of the Outer Rim Territories.

This news surfaces as something well short of a shocking impact, as the plausibility of drafting subjugated citizens into the Ascendancy services has often been a point of casual speculation amongst informed viewers. What remains a point of discussion however is the means by which these individuals were accepted into the enemy ranks. Did they do so willingly? Were they brainwashed? Are these individuals serving to protect their families, or simply backing the winning team?

Regardless of the likely various reasons for the diversification of Ascendancy forces, Coalition High Command has quickly stood behind a policy of no tolerance for the obviously new additions to the opposing forces in a statement made in conjunction with the release of official photos:

As unfortunate as this developing evidence may be, we must treat every individual in an enemy uniform on the battlefield as if they were born in the heart of Csilla herself. Terms of surrender will remain consistent however, and any such individual who surrenders shall be treated with the same civilized respect endowed by our understanding leadership throughout the duration of this entire conflict.

281.18 – Bak Sota // GHN