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281.09 // Bastion and Taris Fall, Coalition In Full Retreat


Bastion - Ascendancy Bombardment of the Capital

Calamity in the Outer Rim.

More breaking news has reached Coruscant as we have received word that two of the largest strongholds for the Coalition have at last collapsed under the brunt of Mandalorian and Ascendancy fleets after a fierce resistance lasting the better part of a year. The final maelstrom came for both planets in the last twenty-four hours, when pockets of Coalition resistance collapsed under the weight of full out assault.

While Taris had been previously decimated by a series of orbital bombardment and invasion fleets by the Mandalorians, it was Bastion whose defense perpetually served as a reminder of the hope left alive in the hearts of citizens of Alliance and Commonwealth citizens everywhere. Bastion, heavily reenforced by legions from the Jedi Order, was able to withstand even the fiercest of enemy regiments. But reportedly engaging in one last fiery assault, the Ascendancy razed the capital, willing to sacrifice even its own men for the sake of destroying the remnants of the Coalition resistance. This act of terror cannot be overlooked in these times as we look to our enemies, wondering for what purposes they continue to wage this destructive war. The fate of the Jedi on Bastion is unknown, but initial reports of the damage are assessed to be in the trillions of credits, with at least six hundred thousand dead on the surface and three million further casualties of war.

Commander in Chief Caden Aquitenne released the following statement this evening in the light of the news.

Though Coalition fleets are now in full retreat, scrambling to take up new positions along the shifting frontier in the Outer Rim, now is a time we must call to question our loyalities and be true to our convictions. With the war even closer to home, the older amongst us remember of the one called Rishi who last brought terror to the homefront. We must not let history repeat itself once more. We must remain strong, uniting as one, all men and woman, all species and races. If we are to stand strong in the face of tyrannical, imperalistic powers, then we must remember this tonight: we are all citizens of Bastion and Taris.

More to come in the following days.

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