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281.22 // Agree to Disagree

Agree to Disagree

Jamus Syndle - Ulu Leem

A new Coalition, bitter war, political shifts, the dissolution of the northern Commonwealth, a lot continues to change in our Galaxy as time goes on. But one thing that doesn’t change are our two fierce correspondents Jamus Syndle and Ulu Leem, who know how to handle a good debate in their time. They’re here to talk about our friends in the Commonwealth and the nature of our tentative alliance and its implications for the larger Galaxy.

Boys, you’re up!

Good evening, I’m Jamus Syndle.

And I’m Ulu Leem.

And welcome to Agree to Disagree. Tonight, our feature focuses in on the nature of the Coalition as an allied force of governments against perceived threats.

Your tone seems to already imply a health dose of skepticism, Syndle.

A deserved skepticism.

How is it possible to deny the blatant attacks that have ravaged so many millions of lives? Even for you, I find that heartless.

You seem to misunderstand me, old friend, I do not deny the terrible nature of the war, neither do I deny the barbaric and hideous way with which both the Mandalorians and Ascendancy seem to have attacked our joint cultures. I am wary, on the other hand, of our dear Chief of State, Aquitenne, who — our viewers should note — has seemed to have slipped into the shadows despite his scandalous bills, warmongering attitude, and previous and continued incompetence in his post. It is a miracle that the man was even reelected at all.

Now, hold up, before you let loose with your barrage of accusations, we must come to a consensus that we’re all on the same side here. As much as you are prone to loathe Aquitenne, he has at least made good efforts to hold together the Alliance, work across partisan lines, and look out for our brothers in the Commonwealth. You must see that as I do.

A fair point, and one I acquiesce.

Then what exactly are the nature of your concerns?

With all due respect to those who claim to be fighting for the greater good, I find such a notion dubious when we are so unsure of many things. The Jedi have at once been supposedly some of our greatest fears and now command our troops. The Mandalorians and the Ascendancy both were not too long ago useful trade partners. I find all of this unsettling and unusual considering the present circumstances.


Have you nothing to say in return, then?

I will just state this quite simply: do not forget that while we may be distracted by all the political wheeling and dealing, there are real men out there who would wish us all dead or under their subjugation, this much is clear by this date and no amount of bickering will do us further good.

While I’m inclined to see your point, Ulu, a healthy doze of skepticism always went a long way. Especially when it comes to these long and bloody conflicts that cost so many precious lives, we must truly take the time to step back and appreciate the toll, to answer the call the service if necessary, but not be too eager at the sound of that same bell.

And on those wise words, it seems we’re once again out of time, and all too soon! The finer points were just beginning to draw intrigue…

Then, until next time, it seems, we shall agree to disagree.

And so it is. And that concludes tonight’s edition of Agree to Disagree. I’m Ulu Leem.

And I’m Jamus Syndle, signing off. Good night.

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