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280.31 // Bastion Capital Surrounded

Reports dictate that the city of Ravelin has been surrounded by Ascendancy infantry units, correlating with the loss of several key air turrets in the surrounding landscape on Bastion. While battalions under the command of Jedi have managed to repel invading forces from the defense of reenforced fortifications, morale has quickly taken a dreary slide downward into the realms of potential defeat for the Coalition.

Since Ravelin first faced attack from the forces of the Ascendancy on .17, the strength of the Coalition has seemingly been zapped as time has continued to pass by in its grim march to ultimate consequence. More and more, the Chiss Ascendancy has proven to be an effective war machine, perhaps superseding the heralded abilities of the Mandalorians, who are, let us not forget, waging their own successful campaign in the depths of the Outer Rim. Is it possible that the Galactic Alliance, the undisputed heavyweight backing the Coalition, is not as strong as we once thought?

We must now force ourselves to look back upon preceding events and question the reasoning behind our current state as a Galaxy. Why did the Ascendancy act so boldly in invading the now defunct Northern Commonwealth? For what reasons did the Alliance stay idly by until the Mandalorians pierced its borders? Did a Jedi truly assassinate Beviin, and if they didn’t, would the Mandalorians have invaded regardless? These are the questions that we must ask ourselves, lest we stand complacent in our own ignorance until the Core itself faces a poorly understood wrath of a misinterpreted enemy.

280.31 – Bak Sota // GHN