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281.21 // Battle of Muunilinst Results in Coalition Loss, Hazim Kisi Purportedly Killed

Muunilinst Falls to the Chiss Ascendancy

Muunilinst Falls to the Chiss Ascendancy

In a stunning turn of events, this morning, Coalition commanders reported the loss of Muunilinst in the Obstrexta sector of the Outer Rim Territories. Although some military analysts had predicted victory for the Coalition on Muunilinst, at least for the remaining duration of this year, initial reports on the ground estimate that the Ascendancy arrived with a force approximately double that of the Coalition, and were able to manuever the battlefield far more effectively than the emplaced Coalition brigades. In a battle that lasted just a few days, it is estimated that over 6,500 Coalition forces were made casualties of war before the full retreat was ordered by Maj. Gen. Barin to Kalee to reenforce ailing numbers of troops on the surface.

The Galactic markets dipped sharply by three percent following the news. Muunilinst was considered a major asset to the Coalition financial sector, with many incorporated businesses and trade routes relying on the planet for their continued success. Further speculation has not been offered by any of the spokespeople for the major brokerages.

To worsen the news, it has been reported that Hazim Kisi, star Smashball player turned Coalition private, has been killed in the action on Muunilinst. The cause of his death is reported to be unknown at this time, with conflicting stories being presented: some present claim enemy bombardment took his life, others say friendly fire. Whichever the case, it remains clear tonight that the Galaxy will be in mourning for Kisi, a hero on the sports field, and now a hero of war, a hero in death. Let his inspiration, however short, lead us through these dark days.

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281.21 – Keth Tohll // GHN