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281.08 // A New Decade of Hope

In spite of the great setbacks that have befallen our Order in the last two years, including the loss of many of our brothers and sisters on Ossus, Dantooine, and Yavin IV, the Order has once again seen opportunity to expand under new, more flexible laws formed under the new session of Congress on Coruscant. Without the political opposition of the Alliance, Jedi Watchmen everywhere are now able to resume their normal duties.

In this light, it is our pleasure to announce several recent additions to the Order: Illrian Damaris, Arendur, Jenny Wrix, Ruluk Okoth, and Ethan Kase, who have joined our ranks as Jedi Initiates. Additionally Herenai Galadan and Kalo Ryfer have been transferred to Alzoc III as displaced students who managed to survive the attack on Ossus.

We hope you will extend a warm welcome to all of the these new Jedi among us, and may the Force be with them in these difficult times.

– The Jedi Council.