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280.18 // Northern Commonwealth Dissolved as Ascendancy Maneuvers Past Bastion


The Planet of Kalee

At 1100 hours standard, government heads on Naboo announced the official loss of Commonwealth control on the opposite side of the relatable Outer Rim. Coming well-short of a surprise, the news was nevertheless received on a somber note, as Prime Minister Selanne remarked in a public address:

It is a trying day for us all. To have given all possible effort to a cause that was nothing less than pertaining to patriotic duty– and to only fall short– is an unfortunate burden, indeed. This will not however affect our ultimate resolve. I wish our subjugated citizens strength and resolve to hope that we may one day liberate them from the unabated terror of the Ascendancy.

On the other side of conquest, Ascendancy fleets have seemingly outmaneuvered the defenses of the Coalition and have effectively started a campaign on the planet of Kalee, albeit in less than overwhelming fashion. While Bastion is not yet lost, the Ascendancy has nevertheless baffled the Coalition in the seemingly perfect execution of enemy movements. Some speculate that new hyperlanes may be the key for the Chiss, while others say that the Coalition is simply poor in matching the power and discipline of the Ascendancy due to a lack of prominent understanding.

Whatever the cause, it is imperative for the Coalition to make a series of definitive, and perhaps consecutive stands against the offensive might of the enemy, lest further territories and resources be lost.

280.18 – Keth Tohll // GHN