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280.22 // Jedi Impact on Kalee Positive as Economy Takes an Unfortunate Turn

Kalee Jedi

Lt. Gen. Rash Loist as Captured on the Battlefields of Kalee (Photo Taken by Sgt. Nov Sreta)

Ascendancy troops have vacated the surface of Kalee following the first involvement of Jedi within the ranks of the Coalition. Lieutenant General and Jedi Knight Rash Loist, a survivor of the Mandalorian assault of Yavin IV, lead what was reported to be a daring assault against a main Chiss encampment within the thick of the Kunbal Jungle, resulting in the eventual retreat of the sparse invasionary troops. While battle still rages on Bastion and Muunilinst remains constantly threatened by attack, the Jedi Order has proven itself to be a valuable asset following its first official involvement of the war.

However, not all is good news for the Coalition and its allies, as financial markets have taken a large hit following the news that the all too important Corporate Sector will likely be facing an imminent attack from Ascendancy forces. An important asset for the wealth of the Galactic Alliance, and the entire Galaxy itself, the news of imminent attack inspired a lack of confidence in the hearts of traders in the economy, resulting in a sharp downturn in the worth of galactic companies.

As more systems fall to invading forces, the dwindling of resources from the so-called “cash planets” will only make things worse for billions of citizens, as the certainty of jobs in the current times becomes more and more dubious by the day. While the war has yet to hit the heart of the Galaxy, it has nevertheless caused much disruption in the hearts of its hard-working citizens.

280.22 – Aigo Rafaj // GHN