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280.17 // GHN LiVE – War Update



With several reports of significance hitting our newsports by the minute, we’ll be bringing you the facts without the spin here on GHN LiVE, sponsored by Multycorp Industries. Here’s the most up to date information straight from the warfront:

Galactic City, Coruscant – The Galactic Coalition Military has at last gained a substantial ally today in the form of the Jedi Order. According to official reports, the leading Council of the Order has agreed to allow voluntary commissioning of its subordinates into the Coalition, providing a potential shift in ability for its defending troops. Military officials speculate that Jedi may be seen on the battleground as soon as next cycle.

Ravelin, Bastion – The tides of battle have shifted to the Ascendancy, as troops have reportedly penetrated the outskirts of the capital. This news comes amidst a weakening of orbital Coalition defense following a re-enforcement of Chiss warships. In the system’s current state, surrounding planets will now likely be exposed to substantial invasion as the Coalition continues to search for its bearings in the sector.

Thani, Telos IV – Surrender talks have been rumored to be underway as the last presence of the Commonwealth in the northern territories is on the brink of extinction. If true, the systems of Telos and Mirial will serve as the marking point of the original goal of conquest for the Chiss Ascendancy.

Coral City, Mon Calamari – Reports indicate that Mandalorian forces have been repelled definitively at Mon Calamari following a crushing naval defeat. The planet serves as one of the chief manufacturers of warships for the Coalition, as well as a powerful point of defense in of itself. Coalition leaders appear confident of a future counter-offensive strategy being implemented at both Mon Calamari and Taris in the coming cycles.

Grunnrurr, Kashyyyk – After several tumultuous years, the elusive Trandoshan rebel General Crerniss has been captured following a long and arduous search in the thick forests of Kashyyyk. This brings a long-awaited end to the internal conflict within the Alliance that has persisted for over three standard years.