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280.27 // Jedi Assignments to Bolster Significant Gathering of Coalition Troops

Commissioned Jedi

Lt. Gen. Iyel Dontin Standing at Attention

Recent reports indicate that a significant number of commissioned Jedi have just been given their first assignments from the Galactic Coalition Military. Gathering at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, the Jedi will then be sent to the various warfronts in the Outer Rim following a formal reporting in for duty.

The news comes as a relief to many Coalition officials who have been working tirelessly on the logistics of Jedi assignment for the past cycle, in addition to stationed troops around the Galaxy. While not all commissioned Jedi have been assigned at the present time, it was divulged that most would be notified “within the coming days”.

However, the Jedi are not alone in their growing list of active-duty soldiers, as garrisons from around the Core have been deployed for what is said to be a “significant mission” in close proximity to Mandalorian space. Analysts speculate that this is the start of a large counter-offensive beginning at the Taris system, though no official reports have said so definitively. Stayed tuned to Galactic HoloNews as new information passes through the speedway.

280.27 – Uvek Tarlaast // GHN