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280.16 // High Council Issuance — Regard to: Participation in Galactic War

Jedi Transmission

>> Jedi Transmission <<

Greetings Jedi throughout the Galaxy,

With the official lifting of the ban of our kind within the territories of the Galactic Alliance, we are once again free to operate as we once did, though naturally with a reminded sense of careful consideration. In this consideration, we must realize that even the strongest of bonds can be broken with even the lightest wave of a feather, and that our existence as an Order will hinge upon our strong vigilance. Despite past transgressions however, we have ultimately been accepted once more, whatever the true or ulterior motives may be.

We now once again face the circumstances of the Galaxy. Many of our brothers and sisters have been lifted from this existence under the banner of revenge of the Mandalorians, while billions concurrently suffer under their misguided wrath. The Ascendancy has also caused undeniably significant disruption in its path towards uncertain objectives, standing as a great threat to the balance of the Galaxy. In facing this, the allied Coalition has found ungrounded success and has, as most speculate, requested the participatory aid of our Order in the many facets of this great struggle.

After lengthy deliberation, the High Council has concluded that the best course of action for our Order will be in the form of tentative involvement. In this, those who feel the call to arms may request commissioning into the commanding ranks of the Coalition in order to repel this threat directly…

In this involvement, while our Order will be working as a single, allied force within the Coalition ranks, we will yet retain our rights of sovereignty. The High Council, as per the agreement with the Coalition, shall reserve the ability to withdraw all participants from the battleground, and shall furthermore stand on the equal footing of the military and political heads of the Galactic Alliance and Commonwealth. Our tentative participation is understood to be completely voluntary to the Coalition, as well as individual volunteering being recognized within our own sphere. There is no mandate of involvement in this war for any Jedi of the Order.

For those who shall find themselves participating however, the structure of commissioning into the Coalition will be consistent for all. All Jedi Knights and Masters may seek commission through Coalition Headquarters on Coruscant and, upon the acceptance of such commission, shall be entrusted with the rank of Commander, equivalent to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel within the regiments of the Army. For Padawan Learners deemed combatively-sapient and willing to participate by the graces of their own Masters, they will take the rank of Lieutenant Commander, equivalent to the rank of Major. It will be further stressed that without the presence of a Padawan’s Master at Coalition Headquarters, regardless of whether or not the Master will find themselves seeking participation as well, commissioning will be steadfastly denied and furthermore reported to the Padawan’s respective Council for discipline.

Directly under the General ranks of the High Council are ten proven Jedi Knights and Masters that have already to this point of issuance accepted the rank of Lieutenant General for the purposes of further military leadership. They are to be listed and noted for their standing:

Iyel Dontin
Quane Talmor
Habria Leqarna
Suvam Farr
Rash Loist
Ellorrs Baaks
Borsk Sei’lar
Altez Oairi
Jamus Kevari
Mayyra Jast

The Jedi are guardians of peace, and we may appear at times contradictory when we achieve that peace through violence. It is with a reluctant heart that the High Council condones this participatory action, but in the end accepts that those chosen among us will fight for the good of the greater Galaxy, even if there are those within this Galaxy that dismiss us. We yet face a direct threat to our existence as Jedi, and shall do what we must in order to preserve our natural rights to live.

– The Jedi High Council

« End Transmission »