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280.14 // Breaking News — Jedi Ban Lifted with Blessing of Galactic Senate, Chief Aquitenne

The Galactic Senate Building on Coruscant

Where many thought the Galactic Senate was too prideful to turn its back on such a bold decision, others deduced that desperate times would call for a slice of humble pie. Yes. The powerful Galactic Senate, in the heart of the grand Galactic Alliance, has officially amended Measure J10960, effectively terminating the formal banishment of the Jedi Order from federal territories.

The move marked one of the quickest amendments made in the history of the Galactic Alliance. With 68% of Senators (mostly new representatives) voting in favor of lifting the ban, the ultimate executive decision found itself laying in the large hands of Chief of State Caden Aquitenne– the figure who denounced the Jedi Order so somberly that many commented that he appeared as a jilted lover, forever denied the amorous embrace of his former soulmate. With a face that initially appeared reluctant, a look of conviction ultimately took over the powerful president as he stoically announced the agreeable decision in favor of the Jedi Order.

Taking effect immediately, the amendment ceases the state of uncertainty formerly experienced on the part of the Jedi Order, which was best-exemplified by its remaining presence on Coruscant. Most analysts agree that the uncertain news coming from Bastion ultimately swayed undecided political figures to bite the blast and once again allow the Jedi legal operations within the Alliance.

Many hope that this re-legalization of the Jedi Order will also bring about the military commissioning of many of its members in the Coalition. While there are several conflicting reports, a majority seem to point to the Jedi Order making a tentative partnership with the allied force in the near future. Time, as well as remaining sympathies, will ultimately tell.

280.14 – Jak Corvo // GHN