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280.05 // GHN LiVE


GHN LiVE - Special Election Edition

After an arduous standard day of elections around the Galaxy, poll results have shown a significant change in the occupation of seats in the Galactic Senate. As expected, it has been a poor year for incumbents, as several members of Conservative, Moderate, and Liberal parties were subsequently voted out amidst strong voter perceptions of corruption.

However, it seems overall that Moderates have come out as winners of this year’s election. While Conservatives remain in the highest degree of control, a significant chunk of their seats were converted to the Moderate side, in addition taking over as the second most populous ideology, supplanting the Liberal side:

Last Election:                       This Election:

Conservative – 48%              Conservative – 41%
Moderate – 22%                    Moderate – 34%
Liberal – 30%                        Liberal – 25%

The clearest upset of the election has been unanimously accepted among political analysts in the form of Moderate candidate Donova Fabre defeating Conservative veteran and incumbent Senator Edic Vontrose of Alzoc III by two percentage points. Fabre, former Conservative party member and Legate under Senator Vontrose, was shown to be down by as much as six percentage points in the last cycle leading up to the election. Inexplicably coming from behind in dramatic fashion, Senator-elect Fabre adequately personifies the political shift seen throughout the Galaxy.

At the formal swearing in of the Galactic Senate to be held on .07, the chances of voting out Chief Aquitenne remain strong following this Moderate uprising.