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280.06 // Chiss Agent Detained in Transport Raid

A spokesperson for the Galactic Alliance Border Guard has announced that a recent raid on a transport ship coming in from the Outer Rim has resulted in the detention of a Chiss male suspected of engaging in espionage for the Ascendancy.

The suspect, who has yet to be named, was found earlier this cycle travelling to Lok from Tatooine with only his transport ticket and no proof of GA citizenship, which has been deemed “suspicious activity” under new laws passed by the Senate. Officials have conformed that his final destination was to be Coruscant, ostensibly for a language conference, although this is being emphasised as nothing more than a cover story. The leader of the raid, Captain Valin Antilles, had this to say:

This has been a significant find for us. The Border Guard plays a vital but often overlooked role in protecting Alliance citizens, and while most of the time we catch illegal immigrants and drug runners, catching this spy proves that we do our jobs and we do them well. We’ll catch more of the bloodeye devils before they can do any damage, I assure you.

This arrest is one of several made in recent cycles with alleged ties to the Ascendancy.

Our security consultant, T’Cho Vrithel, has confirmed that the strengthened ties between the Alliance and the Ascendancy in previous years has meant the number of Chiss living in Alliance-controlled systems has risen, making the possibility of using Chiss nationals as spies a far more viable option. The strong Chiss population on Serenno caused the Commonwealth no shortage of trouble as the Ascendancy began their campaign across the Northern Terrirories, an incident Ms. Vrithel has used as an example of strong loyalties even among ex-patriots. “The threat of similar insurgencies,” she says, “is not as low as we would hope.”

As always, GHN will bring you any updates on this story as they happen.

280.06 – Elharr Bitim // GHN