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280.01 // A New Year May Introduce Coming Change

The Galactic Senate Building on Coruscant

Amidst the turmoil in the Outer Rim territories, citizens of the Galactic Alliance will be big players in deciding the future political handling of the war in the form of suffrage of the Galactic Senate that will occur on the not too distant date of .04. Indeed, the coming election could potentially mark a shift in a number of stances and procedures within legislative government, including but not limited to such important issues as defense spending, appropriation of resources, as well as the always controversial issue of potential expiation for the Jedi Order.

An interesting development has risen in conjunction with the coming election in the form of a potential new President of the Senate being chosen amongst a fresh body of representatives to replace the currently-presiding Chief of State Caden Aquitenne. The main challenger to Chief Aquitenne has emerged in the form of legislative veteran Senator Jemarc Litous of Commenor, a former Lieutenant Commander and military lawyer in the Alliance Navy. While like-minded in terms of base conservative ideology when compared to the current Chief, Senator Litous distances himself as a more moderate alternative in the form of his consistent support for the Jedi Order, being well-documented in his recorded votes for Jedi funding measures, in addition to his dissent in the controversial Senate measure J10960.

When confronted about the possibility of defeating and de-placing Chief of State Aquitenne on his way to a meeting in the Armed Services Committee, the distinguished Senator granted Galactic HoloNews brief insight to his own perceived chances of success:

I believe my colleagues will see that our current Chief and President may have been in over his head following the rise to his current position, and that his lack of experience was more of a liability than they may have thought. In the end, my veteran experience in legislation and military service are what set me apart from my good friend Mister Aquitenne, and I feel confident that the new influx of Senators will come to realize this in their way of choosing the alternative.

Needless to say, it appears that a war in some form will creep its way to the historic Senate Building in due time.

280.01 – Odo Leepo // GHN