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280.13 // Dor’shan Murderer Captured on Battlefield?

Chiss Jedi

Former Jedi Possibly Seen on Bastion

Amidst the chaos on Bastion, an intriguing possibility may have possibly been unearthed on the battlefields surrounding the city of Fel. The above photo (enlargeable), taken by a retreating soldier, depicts what seems to be a Chiss Jedi striking down a Coalition officer during engaged warfare. Though blurred from rapid movement, the picture may indeed show the first documented sighting of Rinne’selen’omare, exiled Jedi and infamous figure of the Dor’shan relief effort some years ago.

As some viewers may recall regarding the effort on Dorin, the ex-Jedi Knight was witnessed murdering five Kel Dor citizens in an apparent act of revenge for a fallen comrade. Despite strenuous efforts to find him, the murderer escaped unapprehended as perceptions of the Jedi Order took a substantial hit following the unfortunate debacle. With this potential sighting however, it seems Rinne’selen’omare, or Eseleno as he was often referred to, found refuge amongst the Ascendancy and has subsequently re-emerged as a commander of its forces.

To provide insight to the situation, GHN asked for and received comment from Coalition High Command regarding the recent sighting on the battlefield:

We have been told over the past cycle from a particular militia force that a Chiss Jedi was operating in the defense of an air turret, but our forces could provide no distinct proof. In addition, there have been even more cloudy rumors of the same Jedi being sighted across the Northern Commonwealth territories in the past that were swiped aside as nonsense. However, with the recent confirmation from our Colonels in the field, we have realized this individual to both exist and furthermore be in need to be held as a prominent threat to our potential success on Bastion.

The presence of a Jedi on the battlefield has long been documented as a significant force to combat due to innumerable factors throughout time. With this present news surfacing across planets throughout the Alliance and Commonwealth territories, the Jedi Order must undoubtedly hear a more dire calling for its needed assistance in this tumultuous war.

280.13 – Elharr Bitim // GHN