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280.11 // Bastion Presented as the New Face of War, Coalition Continues its Reach for Support

Bastion Turret

A Bastion Air Turret, Point of Tactical Advantage

Reports indicate that the current focus of Coalition defensive efforts lies in the Braxant Sector, most notably at the historic planet of Bastion. Here, Ascendancy forces have engaged in a tumultuous struggle for the pivotal system that has affectively resulted in total warfare. With constant warring both in orbit and on the surface of the planet, civilians of the planet have been called into service into regulated militia service, as well as going as far as forming unregulated militias in order to combat the substantial forces of the Ascendancy.

Within this gritty battle lies the importance for the Coalition to make a stand similar to its showing against Mandalorian forces on Taris. If Bastion is to fall, it can be expected that systems in proximity will also find themselves invaded, resulting in a larger front spanning across much of the Outer Rim Territories. Much of the potential success allegedly lies in the retention of the many air turrets positioned around the planet that control the transportation of troops around the many surfaces of the planet.

Meanwhile, efforts at persuading the somewhat dubious Hutt governance to join the forces of the Coalition have at this point failed, according to Major General Sol Varan. While talks with the Hutts never found a solid standing, efforts with the Jedi Order have been found to have more leadway, as the reformed Senate becomes more hospitable towards the mending of a recently large wound created between the two institutions. With the constant support of military leaders, we may perhaps see the eventual participation of the Jedi Order within the greater context of galactic war.

280.11 – Bak Sota // GHN