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280.10 // Coalition Announces New Stringent Security Measures

In order to better preserve the welfare of the people, all planets and moons that fall within the Outer Rim Territories will now observe a mandatory curfew of 2200-GST, effective until 500-GST. Additionally, regular patrols are to be assigned to city streets by local militia and enforcement agencies, leaving our respective militiaries available for defense of our contested borders. These laws, ratified by the Senates of both the Galactic Alliance and the Commonwealth, should help guard against those who wish to do us harm from within. Please cooperate with all authorities and understand that it is for your protection.

In the light of this statement, which was released by a military spokesperson for the Coalition yesterday, several of the accused clandestine agents for the Ascendancy have been charged by a military court martial on acts of foreign terrorism. Just one of the Chiss males held under suspicion of being a spy is being released without charge, another spokesperson for the Galactic Alliance has admitted. This announcement arrives just ahead of the one-cycle detention limit under current anti-terror legislation. No further details regarding the still-unnamed suspect’s release have been revealed.

Undoubtedly, this will lead to calls for an extension to the current one-cycle detention laws, with vocal advocates on both sides of the argument already resuming their campaigns. With the lack of concrete details, we can only speculate at this point.

280.10 – Velia Sempata // GHN