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280.07 // Aquitenne Retains Seat By Slim Margin as New Senate Convenes

The Galactic Senate Building on Coruscant

Following the swearing in of dozens of new Senators on Coruscant, the fresh body of representatives set itself at the Galactic Senate Building in order to determine the next presiding Chief of State of the Galactic Alliance. With Senator Jemarc Litous of Commenor mounting a strong challenge to Chief Aquitenne, the chances of a change to the executive position seemed high, but in the end the distinguished Senator fell short of his many lofty projections.

Voting Results – Chief of State

Aquitenne – 51%
Litous – 46%
Ska – 3%

In a fortuitous display of unity, all presiding Senators of the Conservative party backed Chief Aquitenne in the important election. While a majority of Moderates and Liberals stood by Senator Litous, a significant dissenting minority of 10% proved enough to push Aquitenne to an undisputed claim of victory. Radical leftist Senator Loo Ska took home a humble support of 3% from like-minded colleagues.

While there was no ultimate changing of the guard for the position of Chief of State, the strong challenge made by Senator Litous speaks volumes about an apparent lack of confidence in the current Chief and his ability to lead, further polarizing the Senate. Nevertheless, the refreshed body of leaders saw significant change overall, and will most plausibly serve as a force to be reckoned with in determining federal policy.

280.07 – Odo Leepo // GHN