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279.28 // Ascendancy Turned Back at Lvcam


The Planet of Lvcam

In defiant fashion, Coalition forces have pushed the invading Chiss Ascendancy from the southern territories of the Commonwealth. This comes as a surprise to most military analysts, given the supposed might of the invasionary fleet, in addition to the relative indefensibility of the system. Though Coalition commanders would not comment directly about their means of success, hints were seemingly dropped that they had a tactical advantage in the form of “men on the inside”, possibly denoting the use of sabotage and/or espionage in the surprising victory.

Nevertheless, the gambit of invading the major territories of the Commonwealth speaks volumes about the perceived ambition of the Ascendancy. With Serenno crumbling in its own defenses, it seems that the Chiss have more than an ample supply of confidence in their ultimate ability to conquer the remaining systems of the North, given the fact that a second front would have possibly been opened if the tables were turned at Lvcam. Concurrently however, it seems Coalition forces have proven to have the means of standing up in the face of the enemy, even despite facing more defeats than victories at the present time.

Amidst lines of speculation and analysis, one point of discussion is consistently short for debate. There appears to be no end to this galactic conflict in the near future, and that we as citizens must prepare for the potentialities of great loss, in addition to hopeful success.

279.28 – Velia Sempata // GHN