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279.01 // Three Jedi Found Dead On Lower Levels of Coruscant

Reports surged in this morning that Jedi Master Droata Paroveid and his two Padawans Gunnel, a Mon Calamarian and Jacus Risant, a Human, were found dead late last night, their bodies stashed in an alleyway in the lower levels of the streets on Coruscant. Each Jedi suffered many blaster wounds and knife wounds. It is safe to assume that they were ambushed, for none of their attackers were found. The only piece of evidence found at the scene was a brief blood trail leading back towards the upper levels and a standard blaster at the end of that trail.

Officials on Coruscant, including representatives the Jedi Order, have not yet released any confirmed information. The Order has only mentioned that Paroveid’s son, Maloush Paroveid, the infamous Jedi Knight from Yavin IV, was unable to make it to the scene due to outside engagements. It is unknown whether or not Paroveid yet knows of his father’s death, though the Order claimed that they would alert him immediately and set up funeral arrangements for their fallen Jedi.

Now, who could have possibly taken down a Jedi Master and his two Padawans? Surely that is a difficult question, as this is simply only one of many reports of anti-Jediism related crimes and riots reported in the past several cycles. The culprits have not revealed themselves, but one thing is positive: Jedi beware.

279.01 – Andak Calwiss // GHN