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279.31 // Serenno Rebellion Quashed, Leaders Executed

Despite the resounding success of the UCA against the Commonwealth military on Serenno, it seems the organization has crumbled as fast as it was constructed following a steadfast defeat against government troops in the capital city of Carannia. Following the defeat, the military inexperience of its members was further shown, as many so-called lieutenants continued to surrender themselves by the hour, some reportedly betraying their leaders for mercy.

The end result found the three supposed leaders of the organization unwillingly surrendered by their own subordinates to the feet of the Commonwealth. In lieu of a military tribunal, the rebels were executed by firing squad within the confines of a common alley, bringing an end to their lives, as well as their rebellion, in dishonorable fashion.

Due to the limit of information being passed along from the warzone, the names of the leaders and comment from the military are unfortunately absent to the eyes and ears of GHN. While this internal conflict may appear to be over, the true Chiss Ascendancy continues to loom closer to complete victory against the Commonwealth, their former ties in the Galactic Coalition all but a faint memory.

278.31 – Bak Sota // GHN