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279.03 // Bn’al Rhomitkal Resigns As Chief Consul of Jedi Review Board

The Galactic Senate Building on Coruscant

Yesterday, an investigation by the Galactic Insider watchdog organization uncovered previously unknown encoded audio bytes. Once decoded, they revealed a conversation between Bn’al Rhomitkal, an aide, and two other Senators serving with him on the Jedi Review Board, Janis Mikov of Opiteihr and Cyril Kaleth of Fondor. A segment of the transcript is as follows:

Rhomitkal: It’s clear…to allow (inaudible) to testify before the Board would be detrimental to what we are trying to achieve.
Aide: (inaudible)…would not be necessary in that case.
Rhomitkal: So…what we’re saying is…to show the Jedi are at the root of the problem, it is necessary to…(inaudible), that is to say, reinterpret the law to better fit it to this scenario.
Kaleth: It seems as though if the Jedi continue their unruly behavior, we will soon find ourselves at odds with not just one threat, but two.
Mikov: Not to mention the populace when the polls open.
Aide: The situation would call for much harsher measures if not for the high degree of concentration on the Board.
Mikov: Yes, but what is the Jedi Order really going to do about it?
Rhomitkal: For now, we need to focus on putting the Board in a position to achieve what we want. Then, we can deal with the ramifications later.

All three Senators have resigned from the Jedi Review Board following this revelation and are in the process of being replaced. Each is up for reelection this year in their home sector. None of their offices have released statements regarding the audio recording at this time.

Ghaj Nhka, Majority whip, was quick to defend the legitimacy of the Board:

Despite this disgrace, I and all my colleagues remain dedicated to the original purpose of the Jedi Review Board. There are critical issues here at hand that must be investigated, and we will not relent.

In Jedi-related news, reports out of Bastion have claimed that the evacuated Jedi enclave experienced several fuel explosions from its East Wing hangar last night, causing significant damage to the structure before the flames were finally extinguished. Authorities claim that a Jedi Knight had bypassed the sealed entrance, though further details surrounding the actual destruction within the complex are unknown. Officials did not comment if they will pursue an investigation of the alleged individual, but did say that security would be further tightened on the borders of the evacuated complex in order to prevent a similar occurrence in the future.

279.03 – Elharr Bitim // GHN