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279.26 // Galactic War Update


The Skies of Taris, Several Hours After Mandalorian Defeat

The most recent news on the warfront comes out of Taris, where a Mandalorian fleet has been crushed under the defensive might of Coalition forces in orbit over the populous world. Despite the apparent numerical equality of contending warships on either side, anti-spacecraft fire on the surface of the planet culminated swiftly with intelligent maneuvering, forcing the invading fleet to retreat back within the confines of Mandalorian space.

However, not all news is good for the newly reformed Galactic Coalition Military, as several ill-defended worlds continue to fall under the persistent attacks by the Mandalorians, most recently in the form of the Jedi-inhabited planet of Ossus. While the loss of such systems are not critical in the eyes of the Coalition, planetary resources and communications will inevitably be missed in significant fashion, as multiple sectors will forcefully switch allegiances under the very real fear of annihilation.

Meanwhile, a significant occurrence in its own right has been reported in the form of Chiss forces invading the Commonwealth planet of Lvcam. This marks the first planet to be invaded within the territories of the main Southern Commonwealth, seemingly giving way to a potential second front of war on the galactic scale. Prime Minister Selanne recognized the maneuver during an address to parliament regarding defense funding earlier in the day:

The war has now been placed on our front door, and in such I implore [the representatives] to no further pretend that we are secure in our domestic holdings. It is imperative that we close this new front with nothing less than a stalwart defense.

In final noting, the Jedi Order remains quiet in its current allegiances within the context of war, but nevertheless maintains communication with several representatives of the Senate, in addition to alleged Coalition Military heads on Coruscant. If the Jedi Order is to be swayed into participation, it will require a complete turn of the heel on the part of Chief Aquitenne in rescinding the still technically present order of exile, in conjunction with a re-vote of the Senate for Jedi re-approval. Sufficed to say, all remains awkward in more than dubious conditions for both sides.

279.26 – Elharr Bitim // GHN