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279.10 // Voting Closed, Chief of State Aquitenne Expected to Expel Jedi Order

Senate Vote

Caden Aquitenne at the Galactic Senate Building

You are looking live at Chief of State Caden Aquitenne at the spire of the Galactic Senate Building on Coruscant, in the heart of the Galactic Alliance. Following the grievous findings by the somewhat controversial Jedi Review Board of murder, deceit, and what was described as “countless indiscretions against galactic society”, the Jedi Order is likely to be expelled from the territories of the Galactic Alliance according to various inside reports. Here is Chief Aquitenne to announce the results of the vote and, as mostly expected, to make one of the defining proclamations in the history of the Galaxy.

The time for voting has come to an end. In the previous suffrage in regard to J10960, the Senate has passed the motion, with 68% approval. Dissent is noted with a 22% disapproval, and an abstention of 10%. With my immediate approval as the executive of this body, I adjudge to steadfastly banish the Jedi Order from Federal territories, granting full effect to this expelling upon the date of 279.15. Until that time, the Jedi Order is encouraged vacate peacefully from all systems of the Galactic Alliance in order to grant our citizens the peace and security they deserve. Failure to do by that date will result, according to the new law, in armed response. It is with a heavy heart that I see a once-just institution fall so hard from grace, but my sentiments lie stronger with my own people. Let this body adjourn.

And there it is. Sounds of applause echo the feelings of condemnation against the Jedi Order, as no doubt many citizens of the Alliance have sighed with content at the decision to deflect any possible association with the ancient institution. The questions now evolve into how the Order itself will react to this declaration, and if they do decide to leave on their own accord, where? Will the Mandalorian people keep their promise of justice once the Jedi depart? Is there any conceivable chance that the Order will choose war with the Galactic Alliance? Only time will tell.