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279.08 // Jedi Review Board Closes, Vote Expected Soon

The Galactic Senate Building on Coruscant

The Jedi Review Senatorial Committee finished its investigative research and deliberations today, apparently coming to a decisive conclusion regarding the alleged crimes of the Jedi Order. While no member of the board would speak at full liberty regarding its conclusion, Senate Majority Whip Ghaj Nhka was, as always, quite eager to provide moderate insight into the matter, as our own Melina Pelota caught up with Senator Nhka outside of his personal office. Here’s what the Senator had to say:

… All I can say is that our citizens will be very happy with the board’s conclusion. While we faced troubles with bias on this board, my fellow colleagues remained committed towards bringing justice and due process for the Jedi, and in the end this is all we can and should expect from them. Therefore, I can say with a large degree of certainty that this ultimate conclusion is legitimate in every way, shape, and form.

It seems all signs are pointing towards a negative declaration against the Jedi Order in the near future, as reports say a call for a vote will come within a few days following the return of many senators from the campaign trail. However, the actual magnitude of this supposed “punishment” of the Jedi Order remains the main topic for debate, as sympathy for the institution still has life within the seats of the Senate. In any case, Galactic HoloNews will be broadcasting this pivotal vote live from the Senate Building as soon as it is announced to the media.

279.08 – Vulio Ontrowsken // GHN