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279.13 // Mandalorians Engage Jedi Order, Galactic Alliance

Mandalorian Attack

An Alliance Frigate Under Fire from Mandalorian Battleships

This just in. We have several confirmed reports that the Galactic Alliance has suffered a stunning defeat at the hands of the Mandalorians within the Yavin system in the Outer Rim Territories. Making contact at 1600 Galactic Standard, the Alliance fleet was completely decimated after an hour of engagement, as the surprise invaders apparently made their way to the planetary satellite of Yavin IV following their victorious enterprise.

It is unknown how the stationed Jedi managed to fare against the Mandalorians, but all signs point to complete destruction. Though our information is currently humble amongst the shock, the office of the Chief of State promised the press and the citizens of the Galactic Alliance a quick address once all avenues of information have been explored. Stay tuned.

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