JEDI HoloNet

279.05 // GHN LiVE


GHN LiVE at 1800

Welcome to a special alert from GHN LiVE. At this very instant, a multitude of reports have stampeded in, proclaiming that the Commonwealth has defeated a prominent Chiss expansionary fleet at Bimmiel. While we lack official confirmation from military heads on Naboo, these reports seem to be genuine due to their sheer numbers.

If true, this would signify the first major victory over the Ascendancy by defensive forces. It is likely that once n– … Pardon, we now have confirmation that the Commonwealth has indeed found victory over the Ascendancy at Bimmiel! We have received an issuance from Commonwealth Naval Command on Naboo regarding its victory. It reads…

Our great military has at last shined through within a period of despair today at Bimmiel. At roughly 1500 hours standard, our fleet engaged the Chiss Ascendancy in orbit, finding itself in a prime position for victory. After less than three hours, the enemy was destroyed, and all remaining vessels in great retreat. We commend these heroes for their actions, and assure that the citizens of Bimmiel will be completely liberated pending inevitable surrender. This news was made possible by our great technicians at Telos, who came through where the Galactic Alliance finds itself reluctant.

Certainly a very newsworthy report in regard to the war in the Outer Rim. Galactic HoloNews will stand by diligently as new developments arise. Now, back to your regularly-scheduled programming.