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278.23 // Trandoshan Renegades Sustain Sentiments of Conflict Against Kashyyyk, Galactic Alliance

Trandoshan Nationalism

Symbol of Trandoshan Nationalism

The effort of the Galactic Alliance to stabilize the tumultuous worlds of Trandosha and Kashyyyk took a significant jab today, as Trandoshan nationalists made a bold, albeit unsuccessful maneuver in sending privately-owned starcruisers from their homeworld with the intention of breaking the Alliance blockade in order to bolster rebel forces on Kashyyyk. Executed by apparent Trandoshan nationalists disgruntled with the submission of their planetary government to the will of the greater Galactic Alliance, all twenty-seven ships were reportedly decimated by the Alliance following the issuance of multiple warnings. Thirty persons are estimated dead, none of which were tolled from federal forces.

While there was little difficulty in handling the amateur assault, the significance of the doomed mission demonstrates a maintained disdain on the part of Trandoshan nationalists for Wookiee citizens, and more and more commonly the Galactic Alliance. Riots are commonplace within the confines of urban cities, and while the Trandoshan government is working tirelessly with federal forces to maintain order, the stability of the planet remains questionable at best. Admiral Sulweedo of the Galactic Alliance commented on the situation:

While we are finding consistent success on the isolated battlefields of Kashyyyk, it is equally substantial that we should seek success diplomatically on Trandosha as well. When this conflict finally subsides, it will be of paramount importance to have a clear path for reunification and repatriation for the citizens of both worlds. We cannot be at ease while the riots continue on Trandosha.

The efforts of war persist on Kashyyyk.

278.23 – Keth Tohll // GHN