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278.19 // Bimmiel Falls to the Ascendancy


An image of the smoldering ruins on Bimmiel at dawn (Source: Anonymous)

The people of Bimmiel were still in their beds when disaster struck early in the morning for the citizens of the Outer Rim planet at approximately 545-GST. Early reports from the region indicate to GHN that over fifty percent of the planet suffered heavy orbital bombardment by Ascendancy fleets, leading to the subsequent capture of the MZX33291 system in the Kanz sector.

With any planetside resistance easily eliminated by this assault, the northern Commonwealth borders have been pushed back even further following a series of crushing defeats during the last cycle. Refugees have fled the planet to nearby systems, and although the Ascendancy has promised not to execute any prisoners of war captured from the ruins, it is a fact that will likely provide little comfort to the families of the thousands already dead and countless more casualities on the surface of Bimmiel.

For now, our thoughts will rest with both the survivors and the dead who have suffered during this calamity.

Further information to come.

278.19 – Nheran Ghera // GHN