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278.27 // Measure #9015325B Passes – Senate Opens “Jedi Review Board”

The Galactic Senate Building on Coruscant

Measure #9015325B passed through the Galactic Senate today by majority vote, opening the somewhat controversial “Jedi Review Board” effective 279.01. Although opponents of the measure denounced it as an unwarranted act against a longtime friend of the Alliance, the many Senators who voted for it simply point to what they call the “unmistakable evidence” of corruption and deceit they see coming from the Jedi Order.

The Senate Majority whip, Ghaj Nhka, Senator of Eriadu, released a statement addressing this unprecedented move:

Do not be deceived by the ones who blindly defend the Jedi, and refuse to see the truth that has been staring us in the face during these last difficult years.

As both a Galactic citizen and a Senator representing my constituency, I cannot sit idly by. The people’s voice has been heard.

Bn’al Rhomitkal, the 23-year senior Senator from Onderon, will be serving as the Chief Consul of the Board. He said the following earlier today concerning the process ahead:

We are currently in the process of appointing members of all represented parties in the Senate to serve on the Jedi Review Board, and will be soon electing a host of experts to testify in front of the Board. Whatever our findings may be, the citizens of the Alliance may rest assured that the Senate will thoroughly investigate this organization and determine whether the claims that they are, indeed, increasingly rogue are true or false.

Galactic HoloNews will be following the findings of this “Jedi Review Board” closely.

278.27 – Elharr Bitim // GHN