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278.03 // Jedi Knight Claims Responsibility for Death of Beviin, Surrenders Self to Mandalorians

Jedi Temple

The Jedi Temple

As more worlds continuously fall to the Ascendancy, the Jedi successfully make news following the destruction of the Dantooine Enclave, as a Jedi Knight has come out to claim responsibility for the death of former Mandalore Jhil Beviin. Ashur Ventissen, a male Rattatak from the Jedi Temple of Ossus, issued a statement to galactic citizens before surrendering himself on the borders of Mandalorian space. The motives for assassination are explained in vivid detail:

… I took it upon myself to end the life of someone that I saw as a true threat to peace in the Galaxy. The Mandalorian people were suffering from one who did not follow the tenets that we Jedi live by, and I could not stand by any longer watching a tyrant rule over her people like a power-hungry queen … I do not regret my actions, but I do claim responsibility for them. I was the one you saw in the garage, ending the life of its owner in order to provide my own cowardly escape following the murderous deed. I took to happiness that I was not revealed during the assassination of Mandalore, but now cannot stand the fact that I fled from justice.

Precise tracking demonstrates that Ventissen entered Mandalorian space at 1730 Galactic Standard. Undoubtedly, this assassin will face execution following his terrible deed, and perhaps shines more light on the thoughts and practices of the Jedi. If all is as Ventissen makes it out to be, then the Jedi Order may be facing much difficulty as the Galactic Alliance Senate deliberates on its affairs in regard to the Mandalorian people and their desired vengeance.

278.03 – Cen Koltana // GHN