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278.02 // Dantooine Victimized by Destructive Invasion, Mandalorian Legions Responsible for Decimation of Jedi Enclave


The Planet of Dantooine

Flooding news reports have reached the Core that the Chiss Ascendancy has successfully invaded and taken control of the Dantooine system from Commonwealth forces. Offering little resistance, most settlements reportedly fell within hours, including the historic Jedi Enclave stationed on the planet’s surface. What appears to be more surprising however is the fact that Mandalorian legions were solely responsible for the destruction of the enclave, as it is estimated that hundreds of Jedi Knights were slaughtered with small minorities escaping the system before the structure eventually crumbled.

Amidst the shock, it is now confirmed that the invading Chiss forces have the sponsorship of the Ascendancy, as its leadership, along with the warrior elite of the Mandalorians, have issued individual statements directly to Galactic HoloNews to project to the citizens of the Galaxy following prior sending to other government institutions. They follow:

The Chiss Ascendancy has brought itself to liberate the peoples of the Northern Commonwealth in order to grant them order, which their own government has failed to do for over a decade. Too long have we sat in the outskirts of the Galaxy in the most structured of civilizations and gave its ineffective government the chances to recover under its own strength, only to watch it fail time after time again. Be sure however that we have no interest in the main territory across the Galaxy, and that we advise it to command its forces to lay down their arms for a bloodless transition of power.

We, the Mandalorians, have allied ourselves with the Ascendancy in their pursuit of order. In turn, they grant us support of our revenge against the arrogant and despicable Jedi Order. Too long have these weak priests put their foot upon the heads of galactic citizens and barged through with their will, and the assassination of our beloved former Mandalore by one of them has simply given us a new incentive in our cause to pick up where our ancestors left off. The ravaging of the Jedi Order shall be ruthless, and so we wish to tell the Galactic Alliance that our matters do not concern them. Kick the Jedi from your planets, exile them so that blood may not spilled on your structures. Be warned however, that if there is to be even one soldier of the Galactic Alliance standing against us, we will treat you with the same merciless spirit as we will the Jedi.

Since word of the enclave’s destruction undoubtedly first reached the ears of the Jedi, the institution on Bastion has swiftly evacuated its facilities in apparent fear. On the part of the Commonwealth, it remains willing to fight for their control, as fleets have been scrambled from still-free worlds in the North. However, the position of the Galactic Alliance has yet to be confirmed, as the fate of its people and of the Jedi Order currently lay in uncertain balance.

278.02 – Elharr Bitim // GHN