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278.05 // Commonwealth Citizens Rise Against Government on Serenno

Chiss Uprising

Chiss Citizens of the Commonwealth Engage Government Troops in the Capital of Carannia

The en-battled territories of the Commonwealth are now facing a new sort of enemy from within, as natural-born Commonwealth citizens of Chiss descent have organized against their own government in support of the Ascendancy’s cause on Serenno. This organization, calling itself the United Chiss for the Ascendancy (UCA), has reportedly caused much civil disruption and violence due in part to the sheer number of members, which is estimated to be in the tens of thousands.

While Ascendancy forces have not yet invaded the system, members of the UCA have substantially weakened the Commonwealth’s ability to organize, ultimately aiding the Ascendancy in its inevitable future invasion. Several communication depots and military barracks have either been abandoned or captured, as the site of urban warfare leaves Commonwealth forces hard-pressed in reclaiming lost positions.

Meanwhile, the Senate on Coruscant continues its heated debates in regard to the issuance made by the Mandalorians regarding the Jedi Order. Reports dictate that diplomatic meetings are being made with the Jedi High Council and the Parliament on Naboo to ultimately decide the fate of several Jedi institutions around the Galaxy. Analysts are still however at a loss at how this dithering will conclusively affect the future actions on the part of the Mandalorians.

278.05 – Gruntu Hrkslc // GHN