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278.14 // Jedi Approval Ratings Plummet, Aquitenne Hovers around 50%

Low Approval

Jedi Order More Unfavorable

A recent non-partisan poll released by our own political center at Galactic HoloNews shows the Jedi Order’s approval rating down from last year among citizens of the Galactic Alliance, demonstrating a dismal 16% (+/- 2%) acclaim. Amid the plummeting, citizens cite the Mandalorian declaration as the main force for disapproving of the historic institution.

With no official stance yet made by Chief Aquitenne on the recent conflicts, his own ratings have dropped from a comfortable 60% to a contested 50% since the declaration. Research proves this is primarily due to the Chief’s lack of a position on what other polls show as the most important matter for “the Galaxy as a whole.” The only mentions regarding the situation have been in the forms of supposed talks with the Commonwealth and assurance to citizens that talks were “making progress”. Many however remain skeptical of these claims.

While the Jedi Order may be facing tough statistics, it currently fares better than the Galactic Alliance Senate, which has earned a horrid 9% approval from its constituencies from the federation abroad. Analysts agree that Chief Aquitenne has most likely eluded the blunt of the surrounding criticism due to citizens’ historic disapproval of their governing body.

To conclude with a final amusement, the average approval rating for a specific planet’s representatives remains at a lofty 74%, despite the overall disapproval of the Senate as a unified body.

278.14 – Elharr Bitim // GHN