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278.08 // Agree to Disagree

Agree to Disagree

Jamus Syndle - Ulu Leem

With the Galactic Alliance currently facing difficulty in coming to a pragmatic solution to the Jedi-Mandalorian conflict, we have brought back our hot-headed correspondents Jamus Syndle and Ulu Leem to debate both sides of the main argument for a brief segment. Current polls show that this is the most talked about issue of the time, and so we look forward to what they have to say on the matter.

Boys, you’re up!

Good evening, I’m Jamus Syndle.

And I’m Ulu Leem.

And welcome to Agree to Disagree. Tonight, we’ll be discussing the issue of the Mandalorian warning to the Galaxy to essentially stay out of their path of vengeance against the Jedi Order due to its apparent involvement in the assassination of Jhil Beviin. Now, I’m feeling generous this evening, so I’ll allow you first opinion, Mr. Leem.

Thank you for such kindness. I thought you were too old to have enough left in you.

Don’t push it, Leem.

Alright, alright. What we have here in the Galaxy are huge power plays. We have the long history of the Jedi Order, the passion of the Mandalorians, and the power of the Galactic Alliance all seemingly tied up in this debacle with the Ascendancy and Commonwealth. Now, let me start off by saying that this whole invasion by the Chiss is completely barbaric and rather uncharacteristic for them…

Agreed there.

.. Yes. I also have to extend this sentiment to the Mandalorian issuance against the Jedi, except their barbarism comes as no surprise to me. Th–

Now hold on here. Are you actually going to take the side of the Jedi Order here?! It has obviously shown to be more barbaric, murderous, and sporadic than any other institution we’ve seen in the past century! The death of Ms. Beviin forces the Mandalorians to seek justice according to their traditions.

So the death of one person, though a figurehead, merits the extinction of thousands and an historic institution along with it?

Look, as far as I’m concerned, the Jedi Order deserves this threat. All they’ve done is commit crimes, decapitate galactic leaders, and cause a divide among the people of this great Galaxy. The Mandalorians have finally stood up against these vandal-wizards, unlike the swooning Galactic Alliance, and I congratulate them for it!

What you and others fail to see, Mr. Syndle, is that while this Mandalorian vengeance may seem justified, they can potentially be a threat to the rest of us. We’ve seen how the Mandalorian people can act civilized under the Beviin regime, but now we’re reminded of their true roots as barbaric warriors. Do you think they’ll simply stop after the Jedi are wiped out, especially when they appear to be tied with the Chiss who are harder to read than ever before?

Yes, because the major galactic governments no longer have official ties with the Jedi. Once justice is served and the Galaxy is finally liberated from the Order, we may even see a more co-operative Mandalorian state than ever before!

But the Chiss?

Well… that’s.. that’s another debate altogether! Stick to the subject!

Deep down you have to know that the logistics of banishing the Jedi from Alliance space would be extremely complicated, even in forgetting that most Jedi live here on Coruscant. There’s no way it will find itself taking on this project when it knows the Mandalorians are so unpredictable.

And if they do that, they assure war for the entire Galaxy!

We’re finding ourselves in a state of inevitable violence, either way.

*Brugh!* Impossible…

It seems we’re out of time.

Good, maybe time will allow you to grow half a brain.


That’s all for tonight’s Agree to Disagree. For Ulu Leem, I’m Jamus Syndle. Good night everybody.

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