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278.17 // Inter-Federation League Suspends Play


The Inter-Federation Gravball League

With the Federation gravball season in the middle of scheduled play, all one hundred and thirty-two teams from around the Galactic Alliance have banded together to protest against their government. This decision, agreed upon by both the Gravball Players’ Association and the Federation League Owners’ Commission, comes amid the lack of a declaration at the federal level to expel the Jedi Order from the territories of the Galactic Alliance.

Tarn Filmiir, the head commissioner of the league, explained the reasoning for the unanimous decision at a press conference on Nubia earlier this morning:

Currently, we and all other citizens of the Galactic Alliance are facing a serious dilemma in maintaining our ties with the Jedi Order. The Mandalorians have made their intentions clear, and while many of us debate their motives, we cannot deny the potential danger they represent as long as the federal government remains Huttish in its due process. In such, league play will be suspended throughout the Alliance until our government finally and justly expels the Jedi Order from our borders. We cannot stand idly by playing this great game when so many of us lay within imminent danger.

It is a curious site to see such unity and uniformity in this suspension of play in comparison to the constant will-do’s and apparent inactivities of the Galactic Alliance. While the excuse of logistics may be valid, it cannot serve as a free pass forever.

278.17 – Bak Sota // GHN