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277.05 // Trandosha Sends Order of Retreat, Forces on Kashyyyk Fail to Comply

Everything appeared optimistic when the leadership of Trandosha surrendered to the will of the Galactic Alliance. In accordance with their cooperation with the federal government, military heads of the planet ordered that all stationed troops on Kashyyyk immediately return to their deployment ships and promptly return home. Instead, General Crerniss, the head commander of all military operations on Kashyyyk, belayed the order and proclaimed that his superiors were “weak and easily molded”, and that he and his forces would not retreat until the war had been won. Upon receiving the message, the once-confident hearts of Alliance admirals sunk sluggishly, as they soon prepared their troops for battle.

Despite the total compliance of the Trandoshan government, it warned that their leaders on Kashyyyk were head-strong and very traditional, and that it was possible that a total retreat may not occur easily. While several commanders remained loyal to the wishes of the planetary government and set off to return to Trandosha, most of the shuttles leaving the system were shot down by the rebel Trandoshans, as only one medical frigate made the trip home safely. In response, the Galactic Alliance has switched to its backup plan to send troops en masse in hopes of defeating the treasonous leaders to at last bring peace to the system.

Likely to join with Wookiee forces, the number of Allied troops will be substantial against the rebels, though achieving victory will not be cut and dry. Federal intelligence has reported that several Trandoshan bases are protected by powerful shields, making air and space strikes a non-factor until they can be disabled. With half of the fleet being ordered to remain over Trandosha, the other fraction is currently minutes away from making the short trip to Kashyyyk to begin yet another invasion. Several reporters are currently on-board multiple Alliance vessels and will send us crucial updates as they come. We wish them luck and for a safe return home.

277.05 – Keth Tohll // GHN