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277.05 // Rodian Jedi Released From Prison

Maloush Paroveid, infamous for causing the deaths of the Ugnaught doctor, Dr. Hu and his lover, was released from prison late last night.

In a special late-night session of the Galactic Senate, Master Corinth Alkorda of the Jedi High Council spoke, advocating for the release of Maloush Paroveid. GHN has received a transcript of this plea.

“Esteemed Senators of the Galactic Alliance,

Most of you know my face; I am Corinth Alkorda – Jedi Master of the High Council and former Director of Undercover Operations for the Corellian Security Force. My business here today springs forth from the former. I have arranged this special session with the Chief of State in order to advocate for the release of the Jedi Knight Maloush Paroveid. Once you have heard what actually transpired, you will understand that Maloush Paroveid was simply a good person in a bad situation, who made a foolish choice – not a murderer.

Master Alkorda went on to describe a sequence of events that, while supported by forensic evidence, raise suspicion as to why the Jedi Order did not come to M. Paroveid’s defense sooner. Nevertheless, the Senate voted after brief discussion to solidify a lesser charge of involuntary manslaughter, which carried with it a sentence of “Time Served.” GHN caught up with Master Alkorda as he was seen exiting the general High Council session this morning for comment.  Master Alkorda vanished moments after we positioned our Holorecorder in front of him, his message clear – No comment.

GHN will, as always, continue to report.

277.05 – Rusaan Vlakjan // GHN