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277.04 // Galactic Alliance Sends Naval Fleet to Trandosha

GA Fleet

The Galactic Alliance Fleet Over Commenor Before Departure

Breaking news today out of Coruscant as Chief of State of the Galactic Alliance Caden Aquitenne has announced that a sizable naval fleet has been sent from Commenor to Trandosha in hopes of putting an end to the Trandoshan occupation of Kashyyyk. The move, said to have the sponsorship of both Senator Khindaar of Kashyyyk and Senator Yuhossk of Trandosha, was finally given the green light after lengthy talks within the Senate. Here is a brief explanation of the bold decision from Chief of State Aquitenne:

After arduous and unfruitful talks within the Senate, the realization that the time for deliberation and traditional options for diplomacy were beginning to draw to a close, as more and more Alliance citizens were perishing needlessly by the minute. The decision to send a large fleet to Trandosha has been made in hopes that our Trandoshan friends will make the sound decision to return from Kashyyyk and end the unnecessary bloodshed that has continued in a non-sentient fashion. Senator Yuhossk has implored that his people give the order to immediately withdraw from battle so that the grace of civility may once again shine through the greatest federation of the Galaxy.

It has been analyzed that the Commenor fleet is to be seen as a factor of intimidation for the Trandoshan military. While the move has seen initial support from Galactic Alliance citizens, there remains the possibility that the Trandoshans will not withdraw from Kashyyyk, and that a subsequent battle with federal forces would erupt, causing even more death and destruction. Currently, reports tell that the fleet remains at peace over Trandosha, and that communication between the planetary government and Alliance admirals are underway. While the Galaxy waits in hope of a peaceful solution, the eventual outcome will ultimately fall on the lap of Chief of State Aquitenne, who has put all of his confidence into this militaristic decision.

277.04 – Nethina Andreu // GHN