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277.09 // Federal Forces Find Inconsistent Success in Kashyyyk

After the successful landing of federal Galactic Alliance forces on Kashyyyk, the estimated number of indisputable victories have fairly equaled the amount of combined defeats and standstills against rebel Trandoshan forces. Finding high success in large cities and outlying Wookiee villages, the Galactic Alliance has nevertheless found stalwart resistance in mountainous areas and shielded Trandoshan bases in the southern hemisphere. With space assaults being restricted in effectiveness due to the existence of these bases, Alliance forces have moved to concentrate more focus on dismantling them through ground sieges, which have initially proven unsuccessful. Admiral Sulweedo of the Galactic Alliance commented on the situation:

Our men and women in the field are currently constructing new strategies to dismantle [the bases] in a more effective fashion. I am confident that such maneuvers will prove effective and that we may provide a quick end to the situation from orbit, returning Kashyyyk to a situation of relative peace in the near future.

The government of Trandosha itself has remained loyal in its support of federal intervention, but not without civil quarrels on the planet itself. A contingent of federal troops have since been sent to the capital of Hsskhor in order to assist in keeping the peace during this time of trial. Galactic HoloNews will keep you updated as the situations on both planets evolve.

277.09 – Yelara Quintili // GHN