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277.18 // Mandalore Assassinated at Hands of Jedi

Jhil Beviin

Jhil Beviin: 240.11 - 277.17

Breaking and unfortunate news has just hit our stations in the Outer Rim territories. It seems Jhil Beviin, head of state and warrior monarch of the Mandalorian race, is dead by means of assassination from an unidentified Jedi on the planet of Bandomeer, executed yesterday evening.

Shockwaves have quickly penetrated across the region and Galaxy as revelations of the death of the befallen leader rapidly enter the startled minds of galactic citizens. On-hand reports say that during a routine speech being dictated to Mandalorian citizens, a cloaked Jedi blasted through the dense crowd of spectators armed with an ignited blue lightsaber in hand. Though guards and servicemen alike quickly fired upon the approaching aggressor, the volleys from their blasters were steadfastly deflected and reflected in stunning fashion. Before any new attempts at stopping the Jedi could commence however, the Jedi sprung onto the podium and, with a single strike of the lightsaber, decapitated Beviin and ended her life with planned intent. The assassin quickly escaped the scene in a blur, and despite efforts to prevent their fleeing of the system, mounted a starfighter and blasted out of the system, using the paralysis of the stunned crowd to their advantage.

Efforts to catch the fleeing assassin in space have regrettably failed, as the time of departure and subsequent pursuit were too far-spread to permit accurate tracking. The face of the Jedi was never revealed, and only by the structure of their body did spectators assume that the killer was most plausibly a well-built man.

Outrage and sorrow have understandably flooded the Mandalorian region at the news of the death of Jhil Beviin. All leaders of galactic governments have since extended their condolences, including most prominently Chief of State Caden Aquitenne. In addition, a short statement has been released by Jedi Master and High Councilor Leroa Sisvente on behalf of the Jedi Order. It reads:

It is impossible to extend enough remorse for the fallen Mandalore. As Jedi, we strive to preserve all life with compassion, and it brings great sadness to hear of the death of one so dedicated towards peace. In addressing her murderer, we feel it is unfortunate that this assassin brings with him or her the distinct features of a Jedi Knight, as his or her actions contrast greatly with our traditional ideology of pacifism. Know this, however, that this murderer is no Jedi, regardless of past or present titles, and that we will do our best to bring forth their identity within the realm of possibility.

In-depth surveys of the locale of the assassination show little that could prove a prior planning of the murderous event, aside from one point of interest where multiple security cameras were recorded being torn apart by a pale-faced man in a humble garage, where the Jedi eventually obtained their means of escape. After approaching the scene, Mandalorian officers found the garage owner’s body filled with small knives, lying in a large pool of his own blood.

Soon after the knowledge of Beviin’s death reached the planetary capital of Mandalore, the Mandalorian elite quickly gathered in order to elect a new leader. The result of this meeting presented Ven Crixus of Concordia as the new Mandalore, as he was recognized with no reported ┬ádissent. Efforts to contact Crixus have been difficult however, as he has decided to address his subjects personally and to look further into the murder of Jhil Beviin, a decision which Galactic HoloNews humbly respects.

Prior to her assassination, Jhil Beviin was a driving force to re-identify her people as progressive and peace-seeking, often working with both the Galactic Alliance and Commonwealth on exporting technologies and offering services to the broader Galaxy. With her death, the Galaxy will truly miss a sensible and alluring leader, as the shock of her loss will hopefully dissolve under the guiding light of her appointed successor. Jhil Beviin is solely succeeded by her son Dereek, aged 16.

277.18 – Elharr Bitim // GHN