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277.20 // A Journalist’s Perspective

As I looked upon the funeral proceedings of the fallen Mandalore, a sense of sorrow came upon me like the thrusting air of a winter storm acquainting itself in surprise. Though I felt sadness for the death of a popular figure, the whole scene of seeing other galactic leaders such as Aquitenne and Selanne implored me to think on the broader scale of our civilization. From a distant view, the Galaxy is prosperous. There is relative peace in comparison to war, and grand economic prosperity in comparison to financial ruin. While most of us carry with us this particular perception, the minority of negativity within existence should still be recognized with respect. While Corellia houses the needy and saves lives, events on Kashyyyk tear out the hearts of thousands. While Bastion witnesses the rising of new businesses, Mygeeto struggles to barely keep half of their institutions aloft in mediocrity.

We turn a blind eye to the worst in the Galaxy, but we are naturally predisposed to do so.

Even if we see most things within a positive light, the knowledge of sadness sits within the back of our minds like an elusive tumor. When we are reminded of its existence, we wish it away in order to conduct ourselves in better spirits, perhaps instinctively. Only when it brings itself face to face, affecting our own hearts, does it receive true recognition.

I continued to broaden my view, taking notice of the sparkling armor of the Mandalorians, then catching the blue faces of two Chiss dignitaries. The Galaxy is large, and yet I feel that it would be better off small. To come together in united fashion does good to the heart, even if the calling is under unfortunate circumstances. The new Mandalore, Crixus, soon came to the spotlight, where he expressed the notion of loss with an air of acceptance, and then subsequent passion in receiving proper justice for the crime committed. Upon terminal glance, I took no notice of a single Jedi within the crowd. While my initial perception of this was incorrect, I could not help but feel the significance within this false viewing.

The Galaxy is unchanging.

277.20 – Bak Sota // GHN