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277.16 // Destruction of Base Grants Momentum to Galactic Alliance

Trandoshan Base

Trandoshan Base Set Ablaze from Turbolaser Fire

After many failed attempts at dismantling a particular rebel base’s shield generation capabilities, Galactic Alliance forces successfully penetrated the depths of the structure and disabled the intimidating heart of the technology following the surrender of Trandoshan inhabitants. As seen in released photos after troop evacuation, the fortification was soon fired upon by turbolasers from orbital support in order to prevent recapture. The photos, taken by survey droids, demonstrate the initial volleys of fire setting the fortification ablaze before the structure eventually crumbled.

Following the momentous destruction of the base, rebel forces within relative vicinity immediately surrendered, devoid of their once-protective shielding. While the taking of these bases have proven arduous, Alliance command has remained staunch in its strategy to eradicate them for victory. Despite the destruction of this prominent foothold and subsequent enlightening of morale however, rebel forces still retain multiple fortifications, as well as isolated command areas within the mountainous regions of the planet. The capture of General Crerniss has also proven to be extremely difficult.

All in all however, this stands as a significant victory for the Galactic Alliance and Chief Aquitenne, whose political success remains tied with the outcome of this military expedition. Stay tuned as new developments unfold.

277.16 – Keth Tohll // GHN