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277.14 // One out of Three Jygat Citizens Live in Vicinity of Gangs


The Planet of Mygeeto

While the Galactic Alliance faces its militaristic problems on Kashyyyk, the Commonwealth faces its own challenges in the form of its economically-suffering northern territories. Highlighting the once-prominent world of Mygeeto, monetary downturns of banking systems have shaped its capital city of Jygat into a bastion of gang warfare, as Muun and Lurmen populations raise speciesist tensions over trivial disputes.

Though a significant population of Jygat remains in a high standard of living, the economic recession has shrunken its middle class to relatively negligible numbers, as the poor and homeless populations continue to rise in the sunken city. Statistics show that one third of Jygat citizens are affected by gang warfare in their everyday lives.

Despite monetary bailouts being sent from the government on Naboo to banking establishments across the planet of Mygeeto, there has been little visible change in the form of creating a more secure environment for Mygeetans, which has caused much political flack to be inflicted upon Prime Minister Paol Selanne.

Whatever the correct course of repair may be, it still seems to remain a long-reach away from the citizens of Mygeeto.

277.14 – Vianova Kariya // GHN