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277.11 // Chiss Ambassador Meets with CoS. Aquitenne on Coruscant

GA Fleet

Chief of State Aquitenne with Ambassador Siladen

The premiere of the theatrical performance The Grand Vexation was demonstrated before two important men of the Galaxy last night, as Chief of State Caden Aquitenne hosted Ambassador Ness’ilade’nuruodo of the Chiss Ascendancy in unexpected fashion. To the surprise of the attendants of the Odeon Theatre, Aquitenne entered with a large company of guards and seated himself on a prominent balcony moments before the start of the show, as the visiting ambassador placed himself to the left of the most prominent figure of the free Galaxy.

Unknown to the press, the Chiss Ascendancy had made private negotiations in the past cycle with the Office of the Chief of State to make a diplomatic visit to the Galactic Alliance to occur within the near future. To the credit of the parties involved, the only evidence of the visit prior to the arrival at the theatre was in the form an escorted shuttle landing within the premises of the Senate Building, as well as an increased presence of security prior to the show. Perhaps due to the traditional rarity of a Chiss dignitary visiting the main territories of the Galaxy, strict privacy in travel was reportedly the preferred method of the visiting party, much to the understood compassion of the Chief of State who made all the necessary arrangements.

The attendance of the theatre served as the kickoff of a three-day stay in the City of Spires by the ambassador, who has since remarked that he greatly enjoyed his view of the show. The tour, expected to be more symbolic than diplomatically hared-edged, may still signify the possible extension by the Ascendancy to become more strongly-tied with the rest of the Galaxy. When asked if his government would entertain the possibility of visiting the Commonwealth capital of Naboo in the near future, the ambassador coolly stated that it was a “great possibility”, though adding that he would like to first enjoy the fruits of Coruscant before taking on further ventures.

Regardless of future plans however, the capital is currently greatly abuzz in its welcome of the enigmatic and distinguished gentleman from the Chiss Ascendancy.

277.11 – Aram Keluwa // GHN