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277.03 // Trandoshan Detention of Jedi Leads to Backlash

As several battles rage between the defending Wookiees and the aggressing Trandoshans, the Jedi Order has once again managed to cause harm to others. However, unlike recent stories from the past, the negative eye of the Galaxy is not entirely focused on the Jedi, but rather on the Trandoshans who managed to detain a member of their Order. Following the interception of a Jedi shuttle from Kashyyyk, the Trandoshan military detained the lone inhabitant as a prisoner of war, despite the standing neutrality of outside factions. In an apparent attempt to reclaim their compatriot, Jedi diplomats were sent to Kashyyyk where the detainee was currently being held.

Following the arrival of the Jedi at the Trandoshan base, there is little-documented proof of what specifically occurred during the talks, as we are relying solely on the claims made by the present Trandoshans. However, what is factually known is that the Jedi eventually freed their comrade by force, killing multiple soldiers and taking a Trandoshan diplomat hostage as they fled the system, eventually releasing the unharmed diplomat on a station orbiting Togoria before exiting the sector. Naturally, the Trandoshans have cried out against the Jedi for their violence, as they have a justified stance against death. However, while the acts of these Jedi are not seen well by the Galaxy, so too is the Trandoshan invasion of Kashyyyk.

Initially only leaning against the Trandoshans in public opinion surrounding the invasion, Galactic Alliance citizens outside of Trandosha and Kashyyyk have further turned against the invading forces, perhaps in small part to the detention of the unidentified Jedi. While public opinion of the Jedi Order itself remains low, citizens have detached themselves from the Order’s association in the matter, as the “unnecessary ┬ádetention of a neutral individual” further paints the Trandoshans as a wild force seeking control over several domains, in addition towards having a poor track record in diplomatic situations. Citizens are beginning to fear that the Trandoshans will continue to seek dominion if they achieve victory against the Wookiees, causing new, more bold talks within the Senate Chambers. We may indeed see new variables initiated on the part of the Galactic Alliance within the next few days.

277.03 – Keth Tohll // GHN